Từ khoá: leo túi, ba lô 80 l, túi thể thao, Giá rẻ leo túi, Chất Lượng cao, ba lô 80 l, Trung quốc túi thể thao Nhà cung cấp.

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  • Còn hàng
  • d774

  • Liệu: Nylon
  • Hỗ trợ tài liệu: Nhôm
  • Màu sắc: 5 Sắc
  • Giới: Unisex
  • Nguồn gốc: Chiết Trung Quốc
  • Cân: About 1.9kg
  • Chức năng: Không thấm nước
  • Công suất: Hơn 70 10 L
  • Ứng dụng: Cắm Trại Ngoài Trời, Leo Núi, Đi Du Lịch
  • Thời gian vận chuyển: About10-39days
  • Che Mưa: No
  • Ba Lô Loại: Bên Ngoài Khung
  • Bán Bảo Đảm: Thời gian Giao hàng
  • Kích thước: 85x35x20cm
  • Số Lượng Lớn Giá: 5% (2 miếng hay Hơn)

  • Gói Cân: 1.8kg (3.97lb.)
  • Kích Thước Gói: 55cm x 35cm x 15cm (21.65in x 13.78in x 5.91in)
  • Đơn Vị Loại: mảnh

Smaller than 80L, probably about 60-65. But very nice. Seller communicates well. Blue was out of stock, asked me if I could go with another color. Told him if needed I could take a green one. Got a blue one in anyway, as per my first choice. I had ordered a red one a while back already but needed one for my son as well. Nice packs. One little thing. On this blue one the bottom strap that holds the external frame was a little long, so a metal strip was digging into the lower back when wearing the pack. I put the strap under the sewing machine and shortened it about 1/8 of an inch. That took care of it. If you would not be able to handle such an issue, go spent 5 times this amount for an Osprey. Otherwise, these are awesome packs.
Pcrledator War
thank you seller! backpack good!
hiking camping backpack for used to take. other purpose if overdue will not everything below is wrote :) so in .... to like, i and carry bag is not satisfied, weight 2 kg, sea финтифлюшек extra: bottom zipper (there are many) zipper front top and why? under what turned тубуса лёгкой of no flap fabric!? layer путёвого 2th one layer of fabric of backpack whole! cant system-and-like велорюкзака back mesh and distance каркасе stretched on 5 cm, system in addition надёжным seem completely solution not removable (though ryuk can wash). round shape тубуса as a result, capacity suffering. вменяемые them pockets waist straps and yourself. inside and outside to me excess part срезал jewelry 1.8 kg, вшивать tube to!!! like. proven choose...'ll хаять. it's can it that have been looking for.
Lucas Renan25
insert tight backpack quality quite good and in the backrest. no заявленного in it, but i gues about it. 50l had real, and left. price is to be somewhat less. trip nose to asia, check there. delivery before peter quite fast. super seller!!! recommend!!!

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